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2015-02-10. Yesterday Nate was sick as a dog (been sick since Friday night)—high fever, chills, sore throat, cough. So hard to watch your kid so sick! I didn't go to the office yesterday to give him company. He slept until 1:00 PM. I had to wake him up to feed him. He "ordered" french toast and vanilla chai tea. Left him downstairs eating while I went back to working remotely. I went downstairs a while later and found him devouring the other half of his Chipotlé burrito (leftover from the night before)! I thought, a good appetite is always a good sign a sick person is on the mend! He insisted on going back to school today; not yet a hundred percent but he made it. He only missed an algebra-trig honors exam yesterday, and I got to stay home and be a mom to my sweet boy.

2015-01-11. I got a Cricut Explore on Christmas and now my paper crafting hobby has taken on new heights. I am excited to use my Cricut to its full potential. I finally got around to designing some artwork to adorn my Explore using craft vinyl. This is my very first Explore project. And I even decorated my tabletop glass trash bin with butterflies. Oh, the possibilities!

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